Eco Trading Hub provides its clients with free insurance purchased from Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s leading providers of specialist insurance, giving coverage of up to 1 million Euro, GBP, or AUD (depending on the region). The insurance is given automatically to all Eco Trading Hub clients — there is no need to register.

The insurance covers claims of Eligible Clients (of ecotradinghub (Europe) Ltd.,ecotradinghub (UK) Ltd., and ecotradinghub Capital Pty Ltd.) suffering losses due to the unlikely event of ecotradinghub’s insolvency and in case of Event of Misconduct (as defined in the applicable Policy).

The insurance covers: (i) up to 1 million Euro, GBP or AUD (depending on the regulated entity); (ii) up to the aggregate limit purchased by eToro; and (iii) subject to an excess amount (as defined per applicable Policy).

The insurance covers cash, all CFD positions, and securities. Note that crypto-assets trading are covered by the insurance, as set in the applicable Policy.

Three Layers of Protection

In the unlikely event of an ecotradinghub insolvency, ecotradinghub clients have three layers of protection.

  • The assigned liquidator: In case of insolvency, the assigned liquidator will manage ecotradinghub’s assets and money distribution among its clients, if applicable.
  • Regulatory protection: For clients under FCA or CySEC regulations, certain regulatory schemes apply (FSCS and ICF, respectively), which compensate clients in the event of insolvency and a shortfall of client funds. The FSCS (FCA) offers coverage of up to 85,000 GBP; while ICS (CySEC) offers coverage of up to 20,000 Euros.
  • Private insurance: Provided by Lloyd’s of London, this investment insurance policy covers losses suffered due to insolvency, subject to an excess amount, and up to 1 million GBP/Euro/AUD per client as described above. 


EcoTradingHub Insurance — Frequently Asked Questions

The insurance covers cash, all CFD positions, and securities. Note that crypto asset positions (non-CFD) are covered by the insurance.

Each Eligible Client of Ecotradinghub (Europe) Ltd., Ecotradinghub (UK) Ltd., and Ecotradinghub AUS Capital Pty Ltd. can claim the insurance, subject to an excess amount and the aggregate limit purchased by Ecotradinghub, as per the applicable Client’s Disclosure and Policy.

Yes. The insurance covers all ecotradinghub clients of ecotradinghub (Europe) Ltd., ecotradinghub (UK) Ltd., and ecotradinghub AUS Capital Pty Ltd. in case of insolvency, per the Policy and as described in the Client’s Disclosure, as applicable.

The insurance offers may be withdrawn at ecotradinghub’s discretion at any point in the future.

The insurance may be triggered in the unlikely event of ecotradinghub’s insolvency.

To safeguard your funds, ecotradinghub holds them in a completely segregated account in a top-tier bank.

Eco Trading Hub offers additional services, such as:

Your Funds are Kept in a Segregated Account

ecotradinghub’s top priority is to keep its clients, and their funds, safe and secure. For this reason, every penny deposited by a client is held in a separate, segregated account. This means that even in the highly unlikely event of eToro’s insolvency, your funds will be safe.